Tio's has been nominated for BEST BURRITO, BEST TACO, & BEST MARGARITA!

Tio's has been nominated for BEST BURRITO, BEST TACO, & BEST MARGARITA!

We are so excited and grateful to be recognized by the Reader's Choice Awards. We strive to provide our guests with the best authentic Latin American & Mexican food experience possible, using only fresh Latin American ingredients. Our tacos are some of the best on Hilton Head Island, and we're honored to be nominated for these awards this year.

Thank you to all of our loyal customers who have nominated or voted for us! We look forward to continuing to serve you the best food on the island.

What MakesĀ Our Tacos the Best on Hilton Head Island?

It all starts with the tortilla. We make our tortillas fresh daily, using only the finest Latin American ingredients. Our tortillas are made with a traditional corn masa dough that is hand-pressed and cooked to perfection. This allows us to create a tortilla that is both strong enough to hold all of your favorite toppings, but also soft and pliable enough to enjoy in every bite.

Once we have the perfect tortilla, we fill it with your choice of Latin American-inspired meats, vegetables, and sauces. We cook all of our meats fresh daily, using only the finest cuts of beef, chicken, and pork. Our vegetables are also sourced from local farms, ensuring that they are always fresh and in season. Finally, we top it all off with one of our signature sauces, made from a secret recipe that has been passed down through generations of Tio's chefs.

No matter what your taste buds are craving, we have a taco for you! Need something spicy? Craving something rich and decadent? Our Carnitas Taco is sure to hit the spot, featuring slow-cooked pork served with melted cheese and crispy strips of bacon. No matter what you're in the mood for, Tio's has a taco that will tantalize your taste buds!

What MakesĀ OurĀ MargaritasĀ the Best on Hilton Head Island?

Our margaritas are made with only the highest-quality ingredients, including our own margarita mix that's created on premises and hand-picked tequila. Our bartenders are experienced mixologists who can consistently produce a wonderful margarita. Of course, our great customers keep returning for more!

What MakesĀ OurĀ Burritos the Best on Hilton Head IslandĀ 

Our burritos are made with a homemade tortilla that is soft, flavorful, and slightly crispy. We fill them with rice, beans, cheese, and your choice of meat or vegetables.

Burritos are made with an unmatched passion at Tio's, and our team puts their heart and soul into each one. The result is a delicious, authentic Mexican meal that will leave you wanting more.

  • We use only fresh, Latin American ingredients in our burritos.
  • Chef Lynden has years of experience cooking authentic Latin American & Mexican food.
  • We offer a variety of burrito options, so there's something for everyone.

Stop by Tio's today and try one (or all) of our delicious tacos! We know you'll love them as much as we do! And don't forget to vote for us in the Reader's Choice Awards for best burrito, best taco, & best margarita! Thank you for your continued support!

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